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JICA-FSA has been established as a student support system with primary objective to enable a constructive and fruitful positive interaction, guidance and mentorship of all current students by graduated scholars. We are also thriving to enable a support system, which will provide a comprehensive support to students of IITH who are interested in pursuing their higher studies in Japan.

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Application Phase

In which university to apply, which laboratory/graduate school is suitable or which professor to contact are few of the questions every aspiring student have, who is planning to embark on higher studies journey. We as senior are trying to provide you any sort support you are looking for during your application procedure and are willing to answer your queries in this regard.

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Pre-arrival Phase

Uncertainties on new chapter of your life in foreign land raises multiple questions such as how is life going to be, what sort of food you will get and thus what shall you pack in your luggage bag. Association and its members are more than happy to help you with all your anxious questions. Our respected members have made prepared a comprehensive list of items, which you shall pack in your luggage.

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Honeymoon Phase: Arrival in Japan

After your arrival to Japan, you may face the challenges in settling down and struggle to adjust in this new strange country. Our core-committee as well as our respected members are determined to support you in settling down and will guide you to establish your new mini house away from your home.

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Subtle Phase

While you are enjoying your life as well as your studies in Japan, initial anxieties related to career-path and in-general life may start triggering. Association and its members are more than happy to help you with all your anxious questions

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Anxious Phase: Pre-Graduation Period

In the last year of your studies, pressure of finishing research on time, dilemmas in endeavoring a suitable career path after graduation and other unprecedented circumstances often result into a stressful life. Our mentors and senior members are fully prepared to help you in handling your anxieties and will guide you to overcome those.

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After Graduation from University

One of our major objectives is to be connected. Association seeks your help in mentoring current scholars and provide any sort of feasible support, which is within your capabilities. Association is willing to establish a support system for our alumnus. A proactive and sustainable endorsement from you is required in doing so.

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An article by Dr. Swapnil Ghodke of Nagoya University briefly explaning his remarkable research journey

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My research and personal life in Japan

Glimpse of research and personal life of Dr. Tanima Biswas of Waseda Unisersity

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A journey from IITian to KEIO-jin

Enthralling journey of Mr. Chaitanya Kulkarni of Keio University

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Frequently Aksed Questions

01. FAQ during Pre-arrival to Japan

It is advised that you shall bring all necessary academic documents, food-items, clothes and items of your personal need. As for as the luggage is concern, Please see the attached pdf named as “Gearing up to Japan”. This file contains a comprehensive outline of the items to be brought from India.
Congratulation on securing the admission in university. The VISA is initially as Single Entry only but the recently VISA policies has been changed. Once you get the Residence Card, It will be easy to go back to India. You can easily come back to India anytime. (Provided your return journey from India to japan is within one year)...just you need to fill-up some form in the airport immigration section. It’s very simple...but if you want to leave japan for more than one year you need a special permission.

03. FAQ during studies

Requirements in terms of course-works, number of publications, submission of thesis and appearing for examinations such as mid-defense, pre-defense and final defense are decided by your university or your graduate school. Every university and each graduate school have different set of graduation rule. Therefore, it is advised that you talk to your professor in this matter and have a crystal clear and concrete information.
Extensions are generally not granted except when deemed unavoidable due to to a natural disaster or other widespread social circumstances. If you think your case is applicable to the reasons stated above, please discuss with your supervisor and contact the scholarship organizer through your supervisor/university. If you wish to apply for a new scholarshipfor the extended period of study in Japan, consult your supervisor/university. Please note, however, that if you switch to a new scholarship, JICA will not reimburse you for any further expenses, including travel expenses back to your country.

03. FAQ related to Food and life in Japan

University cafeterias do have vegetarian and halal certified menu. However, choices are very limited. In the case of vegetarian, cooking will be most intelligent thing to do. As for as the Indian spices are concern, there are so many Indian shop in Tokyo, Please locate the nearest one and get all the ingredients from that shops. Sometime, you may feel that everything is very expansive over here but it is matter of selection of appropriate shop.
There are many such online shopping web-portal from where you can purchase the raw materials for cooking as well as the Ready to Eat items, frozen items, and many mores. They have "Cash on Delivery", Service and free home delivery after exceeding the certain amount shopping. List is as below

04. FAQ related to Job opportunities

The recruitment system in japan is quite different as in our country. Here companies does have their recruitment drive through campus selection. But the companies use to put their opening notification in the office, these offices are knows as the Career Support Office in Japanese universities. You can get the information from these office but there is no such office, which is known as "Placement cell or office". I will say that recruitment is kind of “Self-service” here in Japan.
In japan, Shuushoku katsudo 就職活動 [しゅうしょく-かつど], aka "shuukatsu" for short, is referred to the job-hunting process of fresh high-school and college graduates, which is comprises of several unique rules and regulations, thanks to several decade old recruitment practice. The peculiar and biggest difference is that all companies prefer the bulk-recruiting simultaneously, which is known as shinsotsu ikkatsu saiyou 新卒一括採用[しんそついっかつさいよう], in Japanese. We would like you to refer to our Job-hunting guidebook for more details.

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