About Associtation

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Our Objective:

The objective of the Association is to contribute to:

  • the development of networking among alumni and current scholars;
  • the promotion of interaction between alumni and Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH), and
  • further internationalization of Japan through strengthening its relations with India.

Article 3: Activities

The main activities of the Association include:

  • to hold/assist an annual meeting (CONNECT IITH);
  • to coordinate and exchange information among members and its chapters throughout Japan and between the Association and IITH.
  • to promote any other activity which meets the Association’s objective.

Mentorship Program

What is mentorship Program

Mentoring is a widely known approach for quick and rich learning, and development of both mentees and mentors. By tapping upon the graduated students as mentors, Associations is targeting to increase the alumni engagement, empower the current scholars. A thoughtful planning and sustained commitment, to guide current scholars and new entrant through mentoring process while continuing evolving the program, were thriving aspiration to start the program.

How does mentorship different from the core-committee of JICA-FSA

While core-committee is responsible to help fresher/ new entrants in settling in the Japan and assist them in getting life rolling, the nature of work for mentors will be supportive and developmental for the individual in general be it academic, be it personal or be it life advises.

How does current structure look like

Ambitious plan is to assign one mentor to one scholar. But, since the number of graduates and scholars is not even, currently, we have selected the team of mentors on region basis. Appointment of mentors is lifetime and is based on volunteer.



CONNECT-IITH is an annual event organized by JICA for all Friendship scholars and supported by JICA-FSA. It is a two day event which comprises of cultural activities on the first day and second day is reserved for industry-visit and job-hunting activities. Scholars are introduced to HRs of various reputed companies and are advised to discuss the job-opportunities with them.

How does this event differ from Job-fair

While complete set-up and approach is quite similar to Job-Fair, Connect-IITH is not a job-fair. It facilitate a platform for scholars and HRs to know each other well. And, if their respective requirements match, they can take the discussion further.